Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: Putting on my Face

While the girls and my mom all were getting their makeup and jewelry on, I decided it was time to apply mine as well.  It knew that since it was a little more than my 10-minute daily routine, I wanted to have plenty of time to get everything set properly.  

To make it easier to put on, I took off the "Elephant" so I could see my entire face, and pulled the curlers right around my face back with a hair elastic.  

I started out with foundation, and I actually put more on than I normally do, just to make sure that my face looked as smooth and flawless as possible.  

After some touchups in some problem areas, I asked my mom to check and see if the coverage looked alright, and she gave me the ok to apply the setting powder.  

After my hunt for the perfect blush, I was more than excited to apply this to my cheeks.  Doing my makeup in front of the large window was perfect too, because it allowed me to see exactly how it was going to look throughout the day in the natural lighting.  

MOH E stepped in next, to help me apply my false eyelashes before putting on my mascara.  She put them in place with a pair of tweezers, and then let me fiddle with them a little to place them a little more comfortably.  

After letting the glue dry, she helped me cover up the seam of the eyelashes with a little black eye liner, something I never wear.  It was great to have such great help putting on my makeup from someone who knows what she's doing.  

I loved putting on my makeup on my wedding day.  It really made me feel extra pretty to see what I was able to accomplish.  But, you'll have to wait until I'm fully dressed to see the final product! Yeah, I know I'm such a tease!

All photos by Matt Ferrara Photography unless otherwise noted.

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