Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: My Hair Was Did

After the girls and my mom were all set, with the exception of their dresses, MOH E said it was time to get my hair out of the curlers and done up.  I had already taken off the "Elephant" to do my makeup, so the only thing left to do before she could start was to take out the curlers, getting rid of my "Muppet" hair for the rest of the day.

BM A helped me take out the curlers, and we gently finger-twisted the curls in the proper direction after removing them from the curlers, just to make sure that they stayed in their correct form.  

My scalp felt so good with all of the curlers out, and it was great to see how curly they made my hair.  I was already so happy with how it was turning out, and we had barely even gotten started!

BM A and my mom sat on the bed to watch my hair get put back, one of the best parts of getting ready for the day.  

MOH E took each section of curls, and lightly sprayed them with extra-firm hair spray, just to make sure that each one was defined and stayed where it was supposed to.  

She started pinning the sections back one by one, recreating the look that we had tried and loved.  I watched her carefully in the mirror, making sure that it was looking exactly the way I wanted it to. But, she ultimately decided that she wanted me to trust her, and to make me surprised when I saw it, so she took away my mirror.

This was the first time I actually started feeling nervous.  I actually started shaking while she was doing my hair. It wasn't because I didn't trust her, but it was more because I was freaking out that my hair was getting done for my wedding.  This wasn't a hair trial. This was it.  This was the way I was going to look on my wedding day.

My mom could tell how nervous I was, and came over to try to talk the nerves out. 

And with the final touches of hair spray, and the placement of my DIY Hair Flower, I was good to go.  I just had to put on my glasses and look in the mirror.  

Looking at the finished product, I was overwhelmed with how perfect it looked.  Tears of joy came over me, and I gave my sister a big hug, thanking her for helping me look so beautiful.

Finally, it was time for everyone to get dressed, and for me to finally see my whole ensemble together.  I couldn't wait to get my dress on.  

All photos by Matt Ferrara Photography unless otherwise noted.

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