Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY: Belt (Semi-Fail)

Since the beginning of planning this wedding, I have had an image in my mind of how I would look on my wedding day.  Little did I know that it would cause so much drama between my mother, sister, and myself.

Throughout all my planning, I have been adamant about not wearing a veil, and instead, having two flowers in my hair.  I knew that I didn't want the flowers to be real, because I didn't want to risk them wilting before the night was through, so I was going to make some.

A long time ago, around the time I purchased my dress, I bought some white organza fabric to match the fabric that my dress was made of.  I received it in the mail, thought it was perfect, and stuck it away with the rest of the wedding crafts.  After all, starting DIY projects in February isn't necessary, right? (WRONG! I wish I could go back and get so many more projects done that ended up not being used. Future brides - get a head start on your DIYs. You will NOT be sorry for the extra time!)

Four days before my final fitting, I remembered that my seamstress told me to come to my next appointment with all of my accessories. And, as you know, I didn't have the hair flower or the belt made.  My mom and I spent the three nights prior to my final fitting playing with different fabrics to make the hair flower, as you may have read here.  Well, we did end up making the flower smaller, and used only one, and it looked great.

As for the belt, well that was a little trickier.  After not having much made during the last fitting, we played around for longer than we should have trying to figure out the belt situation.  My mom and my sister don't like the dress with a belt, but that's the only way I have pictured myself on my wedding day. So, even though it was causing unnecessary drama, I was going to go with the belt.

Problem was, we didn't have the belt made. And this was a problem up until about 10 minutes before we left the hotel room the afternoon of the wedding!  When we went to pick up my dress, I didn't try it on. It had already been pressed, and stuffed neatly into the garment bag, so trying it on wasn't really an option.  I had no doubts in my seamstress that the dress would fit (despite the extra pounds I put on in the few months leading up to the wedding - stupid house drama).  I was just hoping to try the dress on so that we found finalize the belt!

Since that wasn't happening, the finalization of the belt was going to have to wait until moments after putting on the dress on my wedding day.

But! To see how that came out, you will have to wait for the recaps, because there are some great professional pictures of my mom making last minute changes to the belt.

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