D and I were married on October 6, 2012.  It was a wedding long awaited.  I have blogged about my wedding here on Rhody Life, everything from the start of our relationship and our engagement, to the planning and all the DIY projects, and lastly, recapping the entire day as it unfolded.

I hope that you spend some time reading through our posts to see the journey from the ring to the reception!

The Rhody Life Wedding

Favorite Wedding Posts:

DIY: Card Box
DIY: Wire Hangers
DIY: Rag Rug - Part 1
Dress Purchased!
The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: Fire and Cameras
The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: We Say "I Do"
A Rhody Minimoon: Glassblowing and a Winery

Photo taken by Matt Ferrara Photography

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