Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY: Pocket Squares

After spending hours and hours and hours searching for ties for the guys, I knew that finding pocket squares to match was going to be impossible.  So, armed with my trusty coupons, I took a trip to Joann Fabrics with the ties, trying to find some fabric that would not only match the colors in the ties, but would also hold shape for the way pocket squares are supposed to be folded.

As a reminder, here are the ties that I purchased for the guys:

Screenshots via Bealls Florida / Rooster Large Neon Plaid Tie

I had originally thought that a silk would work well, since that's the traditional fabric for pocket squares, but the colors that they had didn't match.

SO, I checked out the Special Occasion fabrics, and found some taffeta that looked as though it would work.  It was stiff enough that it would hold shape, and it came in a variety of colors that would match the ties.

As I went though the collection, the green was spot on with the ties, and the orange was too, but the yellow didn't match.  I started to look at other fabrics to see if there was anything else that matched, but there wasn't anything close to the colors that I needed.

I decided that since the yellow was for FI, that it was alright if he had a different color pocket square, since he is the groom.  As you can see from the picture above, the tie isn't completely yellow, so I decided that the white fabric would work perfectly for FI's pocket square.

I bought a half yard of the green, orange, and the white taffeta, and got to use my coupon too.  Now all I had to do is make the squares.  That was simple and quick too, since all I did was cut out a 16" square, and then hem the edges to make the fabric not shed.

Pinned pocket square / Personal Picture

Here is a photo from the photographers of the finished products:

Pocket Squares / Matt Ferrara Photography

Did you make your pocket squares for the guys in your bridal party?  What do you think about my creations?

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