Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Dreams

So all the brides out there already know what wedding dreams or nightmares are, and I'm sure that if you are currently planning your wedding, or have in the past, that you have had one.  I have had at least three of them so far while planning our wedding, but that's not what this post is about.

This post is actually about the wedding dream that FI had last night.

I hopped in the shower this morning before FI was completely out of bed, and when he came into the bathroom, he was laughing hysterically.  So, before I could ask why he was laughing so hard, he says to me, "Did you hear me laughing last night in my sleep? I just remembered the hilarious dream I had last night about the wedding."

Here is his dream. I will analyze it for you later.

FI and I were getting married at a church, and we were standing at the altar, waiting to recite our vows.  The ring bearer walked down the aisle with our rings, handed them to the best man, and then said, "I hate this suit. Why do I have to wear it?" so FI said, "You don't have to if you don't want to, but there's nothing else for you to wear right now." So, the ring bearer ripped his suit off, superhero style, smeared war paint all over his face and chest, and started running around the church, jumping off the altar and the pews, before barraging his way through the double doors at the other end of the aisle, and jumping off the stairs to the lawn in front of the church.  Everyone in the church was laughing, including FI, who at that point was laughing so hard, he was rolling down the steps from the altar, and down the aisle.

FI actually woke up laughing, and I didn't hear him. But, apparently, he went right back to sleep after that and didn't remember until he woke up for good this morning.

Now, here's where this gets really funny.  First, FI and I are not getting married in a church, and neither of us practice any religion. Secondly, we aren't having a ring bearer, so I don't even know who the little kid in the dream was, and neither does FI.  Third, I have no idea where the war paint and superhero thing came from, although we did watch Survivor last night before bed. Not sure if that's related.

So, while us brides out there seem to have wedding nightmares about there being no chairs or the wedding dress being ruined, our grooms are dreaming about superhero ring bearers.  Have you had any crazy dreams or nightmares? Has your FI?

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