Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So Much for Shopping

Well, shopping for the men's attire this weekend didn't happen, unfortunately, so we will have to keep an eye out for the next BOGO sale at Men's Wearhouse and make sure we go. Not sure how many more of those will happen before the wedding, but we definitely want to take advantage of those.

In the meantime, however, I think I finally found the men's ties.  I have been shopping online for months now, looking for ties, and have not been successful in finding anything.

The thing is, I wanted the ties to match for 3 different people: Groom, BM/GM, and my dad. And by match, I don't mean that they will all be in the same color. I mean that I want the ties to be all the same pattern, but different colors.

I decided a while ago that FI was going to wear yellow, since that is his favorite color.  To match my MOH/BM, the BM/GM would wear green ties, and then my dad would wear orange, since that is my favorite color, and a color my mom looks great in (more on her dress in a few weeks - we haven't exactly gotten that one figured out yet).

So, I searched and searched and searched.  And then I searched some more, becuase the problem I was having was that I could find the same tie in two of the colors I wanted, but there was always one missing.

Like this:

Image via Nordstrom / Woven Silk Tie

Image via Nordstrom / Woven Silk Tie

Available in orange and yellow, but not green. 

This is what I have been finding for months, until now.

I finally found a tie that comes in the colors that I need, so I ordered them.

Screenshots via Bealls Florida / Rooster Large Neon Plaid Tie

The colors look really bright on the computer, but I can return the ties if we don't like them. I'm just waiting on them to come in now.  And, I am also waiting on the swatch from the BM Dress designers, so I can compare the greens. I doubt that they are going to match perfectly, but I think that as long as they don't clash too much, that we'll stick with these.

I think they're kind of funky and cool.  What are your thoughts?  Are you color coordinating your groom and groomsmen? And, is it weird that I want my dad to match even though he's not technically a part of the wedding party?

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