Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sparkly Band

I never posted after my wedding band arrived in the mail, so I figured that I would show that off to you now.  My Blue Nile package arrived about 10 days after I ordered it because it was on backorder. I opened the box when I got home from work that day, really excited to see the matching band to my engagement ring.

Opening the Box - No picture of a box is complete without a kitty! / Personal Picture

Underneath the Important Documents - Ring Box Box / Personal Picture

Ring Box Box out of the Cardboard Holder / Personal Picture

Actual Ring Box / Personal Picture

Blue Nile Wedding Band / Personal Picture

Side Detail where Diamonds Meet Engraved Band / Personal Picture

Top of Wedding Band - Row of Diamonds / Personal Picture

Front Shot of Engagement Ring & Wedding Band / Personal Picture

Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Stacked / Personal Picture

I don't have any pictures of the two rings on my hand right now, as my fingers were way too swollen to wear even my engagement ring today.  But, I LOVE the way that they look together! And I really can't wait to wear them forever!

PS - Does anyone have any recommendations on how to use a point and shoot camera in manual mode, using macro? All my photos are really grainy, but this allows me to get really close to the object. Any thoughts on how to get the photos clearer?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mands,

Perhaps you've figured it out by now, but I can explain the grain in your images. It in fact has nothing to do with the macro/focus settings on your camera. It's all in the lighting. Grain in images is caused by increased sensitivity to light (ISO). When there's less than optimal light on the subject cameras will compensate by increasing the sensor's sensitivity to light (for example, ISO100 to 200, or 400 to 800). So most likely there wasn't enough light in the room for your camera to shoot at the optimal ISO100, or perhaps when you moved really close to the ring box your body or the camera blocked the light that was in the room.

Hope that's helpful to you!

Caleb M.

btw, Thanks for the email response. My girlfriends loves the vintage etching look, so she's going to love the ring!

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