Monday, April 2, 2012

Fly me to...

Somewhere, please.

FI and I have not decided on a honeymoon location yet, and there are so many reasons why.

Since you already know how much of an indecisive person I am, this should not be much of a shock to you.  I have been thinking about our honeymoon for years, and honestly, so has FI.  We both talked about how awesome it would be to travel to a bunch of different cities and countries in Europe and really get to see the sights.  We are planning on starting a family a year or so after our wedding, so being able to take an epic journey to so many different places early in our marriage would be ideal.

FI has been to England, France, and Italy before, and I've only been to Argentina and the Bahamas.  Together, we went to Russia as part of a trip with the touring choir in college.  As you can see, traveling is not something we have done a lot of together - in fact, we've never even been on a vacation by ourselves before. Everything has been with groups of people or other family members, so this honeymoon will be our first vacation together in almost 7 years!

Our original plan was a 13-city tour of Europe.  We would travel throughout Europe, spending almost 4 weeks on our trip out there.
Map created via Google Maps / Cities include Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Brussels, London, Bath, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid.  

The problem with our ideal honeymoon, aside from the astronomical price, is that FI just started a new job, and does not have a lot of vacation time he can use right now.  After looking around at other options for honeymoons, I have decided the following:
  • I don't want to go somewhere everyone else is going, i.e.: Carribbean, South America, Central America, Mexico, etc.
  • We want something with a mix of adventure/tourism and relaxation
  • We would prefer warmer weather, but aren't that picky
  • Not in the continental United States
  • Really prefer not in Canada - we have nothing against Canada, just don't want to honeymoon there
Now, taking money into consideration, there aren't that many other options, especially if we only have one week for a honeymoon.

So, we've been entertaining the idea of a mini-moon right after the wedding, that way we can just take a few days to ourselves to bask in newlywed bliss, and then take a longer honeymoon in either the spring, or around our one-year anniversary.

However, this makes things even more difficult, because it makes me have to decide on two different honeymoons, and decision making is not my strong point when there are other parties involved. Considering a mini-moon would only be a few days, it would be best to stay in the New England area, but where? Do we stay in Maine? Do we travel to a resort in Vermont? Do we rent a little house on the Cape?

And for the big honeymoon, do we save vacation time and money over the next year and take our dream tour of Europe?  Or do we decide to do something a little more exotic and go on a Safari in Africa?

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