Monday, August 8, 2011

Setting the Date

Well, if you know me at all, you know I am a very organized person. Sometimes, I'm borderline OCD with organization. I'm also a huge planner, which is both a good and a bad thing when it comes to planning our wedding.

If you aren't familiar with OneNote, it's a piece of software that comes with Microsoft Office that is essentially a digital notebook. It lets you clip pictures, files, audio, and text into a notebook that you can add sections to. And if you're like me, and super organized, this is very helpful for multiple aspects of life, one of which being wedding planning.

I have had a OneNote file for our wedding that I have been working on for four years. Yes, four. And no, it was not a secret from FI. We would talk about things, hypothetically, even though we both knew we were going to get married, and then I would make notes and clip pictures to different pages in this notebook.

So, the first page of this notebook had three different calendar's on it. A while back, we had been asked by my aunt and uncle if we were thinking about getting married, and we told them yes, and that it would be in AN October. FI and I have always loved the Fall. It's both of our favorite time of year. Being from New England, we wanted to get married here, and where better than the state we met? So, since Rhode Island gets the best and the worst of all the seasons, we knew that the Fall could mean really hot, or really cold, but this was the season with the best chance of the weather being great, which was important for our outdoor/backyard wedding. Plus, FI has AWFUL allergies which are the worst in the Spring, so that was really out of the question.

So, the night we got engaged, we had dinner with my godfather and his husband, and even though they knew we had just gotten engaged a few hours prior, they still asked if we had a date in mind. Surprisingly, FI said, "No, but let's choose one now!" I was SHOCKED! SHOCKED! I mean, FI is always the decider (I am SO bad at making decisions that involve other people. You'll see this come up more in planning, I'm sure.), but I really wasn't expecting him to want to choose a date this early. But, I pulled out my phone, launched my Google Calendar, and eliminated this October because three months was not enough time to plan, although it was very tempting. So we looked at October 2012, and decided that since we are going to have so many out-of-town guests, we would choose Columbus Day Weekend. So, just like that, we had a date: October 6, 2012.

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