Monday, August 29, 2011

Pickin' the Men

FI has a great group of friends that he has been close with since high school.  They all went to different schools throughout the country, but stayed in touch during breaks, summers, and even during the school year, participating in many fantasy sports leagues.  Some even flew or drove to each other's colleges to see each other and hang out for the weekend.  They have been great for me to get to know, and they've even let me in on some of the fantasy sports leagues.  I know - that's big!

After being in BM A's (you'll meet her later) wedding just after our engagement, FI and I decided that we wanted a small bridal party.  BM A and her husband had nine people per side in the bridal party, and her first advice to me after I got engaged was to have a small bridal party. She said the more girls you have, the more drama, and more complex everything gets.  My number one reason for having a small bridal party was that I don't have very many friends.

So, since we decided to have a small bridal party, choosing the guys was difficult for FI in terms of his friends.  FI has a lot of very important people in his life, and while it is traditional for the groom to choose his friends as part of the bridal party, FI went the other route.  FI chose his dad to be his Best Man, and his Cousin to be his GM.

While I love all of FI's friends, and I know that he does too, I think that this is the perfect fit, and while it's not expected, it really is true.  FFIL really is the man that FI goes to the most, and he really looks up to his dad.

So, please meet FFIL & GM Cousin!

FFIL/Best Man / Personal Picture

GM Cousin / Personal Picture

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