Friday, August 5, 2011

We need to talk

This is the first part of our engagement story. It's long. I'm sorry.

Before college graduation, FI had told me that we would likely get engaged after he graduated college, since he is a year younger than I. When that Spring came, I started making hints about getting engaged, but with FI's decision to go to grad school full time, we both knew that the time wasn't right yet, financially.

So, FI and I moved to Indiana for two years while he was getting his masters degree. After his graduation, I started approaching the subject again, dropping a few hints, and telling him about other friends' engagements, hoping to ignite some fire under his butt.

When FI and I decided that we were going to move back to RI after he finished grad school, my mom insisted on flying out to help us make the drive halfway across the country. My parents live in Georgia, so this was very very generous of her to do, especially since it wasn't necessarily going to be a relaxing trip. But it didn't matter to her because it gave her an opportunity to see me, which now that we were living 1000 miles apart, was very infrequently.

Mom and I drove my car with the two cats in the backseat from Indiana to Rhody. Spending 15+ hours together in the car, we talked a lot, and one of our conversations was about getting engaged and married. I told her about a conversation I had with FI a few weeks prior about this subject, and FI had told me that he could see us getting engaged in the two years, but not married until after that. It tore my heart to pieces, thinking that the engagement was still so far down the line, but I accepted it, and just told myself that he's not ready. I stopped the conversation so as not to lose my cool, and just figured that I had a ways to wait.

My mom, being the rational person, told me that if I felt different, I needed to have a talk with FI and tell him that I was ready to get engaged and married and that while it was his decision about when he was going to propose, I really didn't think that waiting two years was necessary and realistic. So, I agreed, and began contemplating when and how to have this conversation with FI.

But, since this is getting so long, I'll end this part here, and you can look out for the next part. :)

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