Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feed me, Seymour!

Last week, I began contacting catering companies. Since we have officially chosen the venue (Roger Williams Botanical Center), I can now contact catering companies with about their ability to serve at our reception site.

There are quite a few caterers in this small state, so there are many different vendors to choose from.  FI and I knew that we wanted our wedding to be about the experience for our guests - between the venue and the food, we thought we could really make this special for them.  Because of that, we knew that we wanted a higher end catering company, and that really narrowed down the list for us.  One last thing we knew we wanted was a traditional New England feel for the food.  While FI and I are not partaking in a lot of the typical wedding traditions, we knew we wanted traditional New England style food, especially since many of our guests are out-of-town, and some have never been to this area.

Eventually, I send emails to three catering companies, and as it turns out, one of them never returned my email, so we removed them from consideration, leaving us with two.  These two catering companies were very similar.  The price points were very close, and the options for appetizers and entrees were great.  One of the catering companies put together a set of sample menus for us based on our thoughts of having a New England style meal, and it sounded delicious.  And then, they offered us customization, adding and removing individual items, and changing around the number of appetizers and entrees. After adding all the extras, this company ended up coming out only slightly higher per person than the other catering company, but has the better reputation.

We ended up signing with the best catering company in the state, Russell Morin Fine Catering.  They have won awards for the last five years on their services, and are talked about very highly in the wedding community.  We are so excited to have them be a part of our wedding day.

And here's a teaser for you of what's to be served on our wedding day. Hopefully more pictures when we do the tasting in the Spring.

Image via Russel Morin Fine Catering Blog / Rhode Island Stuffies

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