Monday, January 13, 2014

Gigantor Chair

Just about two weeks ago now, we had our couch and oversized chair delivered to our home, during the beginning of a snowstorm.  We had received a gift card from my parents and sister for Christmas to Bob's Discount Furniture, a local to New England furniture store that has some pretty great pieces at a really really lost cost.  While their pieces may not last forever (and that's just an assumption...we've had no experience with them before until now), they fit the budget that we wanted to spend while at the same time having the colors and styles we were looking for.

I had done my research on their products online, and then went into the store back in early October to talk with someone about pricing and the additional features.  While I was there, I got a printed quote that we could bring back into the store when we were ready to order, which we did on December 29th.  One of the greatest parts about Bob's is that their furniture is not made to order - it's all stored in a warehouse, which meant that even though we placed the order on Sunday, we would have our furniture on Thursday morning.  Crazy fast, right?

So that's just what we did. We signed up for the "Breakfast with Bob's" early morning delivery, which was a delivery window of 6:30am-9:30am, that way neither of us would end up needing to take a full day off of work for delivery.  They arrived a little later than their online tracking system stated, but that was because the snow fall was adding some time onto their commute, and I didn't mind really, especially since they still arrived well within their given time window.

The two guys brought the couch, the chair, and the ottoman into the house, unwrapped them, put on the legs, and took all of the packing products with them, which was perfect!  And within a half hour of them arriving at the house, they were gone and we had furniture!  But, the arrangement didn't quite go as expected.  Turns out that the oversized chair that we purchased is in fact really oversized - 53" across!  In fact, too oversized for where we wanted to put it.

The original plan was to put both the couch and the chair against the purple wall, but because of the angled wall and the gray wall jut-out that you see in the picture below, the two just didn't fit right against the wall together, even though I measured how they would fit. The chair ended up overlapping onto the tile floor of the kitchen and it really just didn't look right, and was quite crowded.  So, we left the couch up against the purple wall, and put the chair in the corner next to where the television is.  And this is what we are going to work with now.

I'm hoping that it's not going to be too crowded over on that wall, with the TV stand and the bookshelf there. But, you'll see soon how things have ended up over the last few weeks, since we have started adding in all of the other layers to the room.  

Have you ever ordered furniture expecting it to go somewhere specific and then realized it just doesn't work the way you wanted it to? What have you done to overcome this issue, and how did you resolve it?


Unknown said...

You have a beautiful home!

Mands @ Rhody Life said...

Thank you! We are working really hard to make it look nice. I can't wait to see it all "done!"

asad said...

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