Monday, January 6, 2014

The Motherland Has Been Raided

In the wake of me almost becoming a member of the 9-finger club, Dylan and I decided to focus less on painting, and more on decor.  With one thumb less to work with, painting was going to be somewhat difficult, so we spent the Sunday after Christmas at my favorite-est store ever - IKEA!!!

The Motherland, as I will now refer to it, was amazing, as expected.  We spent just about 3 hours there, much to the dismay of both Dylan and his father, but we came out right on budget, surprisingly, and with almost everything checked off on the list.  It turns out that even though one of the rugs I wanted was listed as In-Stock on the website, it was actually off-site in their storage warehouse while the new addition is being added to the building, so we ended up taking another trip up there to pick it up.  

But, now I can say that we finally have some furniture for the house!  We got home, unpacked the truck, which Dylan's parents were so kind to join us for the trip and use their pickup truck, since our cars were just too small for the boxes of furniture.

After a delicious lunch with Dylan's parents to thank them for making the trip with us and letting us mooch off of their owning of a truck, we unpacked the kitchen items we purchased, including our new plates and bowls, and some champagne glasses, since they were on sale, and began putting our furniture together.

We started with the Family Room furniture, and got both of the Vittsjo pieces put together - the Nesting Tables and the Bookshelf.  And we ate dinner on the nesting tables that night, as our kitchen table is still covered in all sorts of junk from when we were painting.  And the bookshelf was left empty, and until this past weekend, it remained empty.  

But, we're getting somewhere with this space!  We ended up putting together the Expedit that we purchased too, but I'm going to save that for another post since we hacked it. I can't wait to show you how we changed it up! Also, I already have another trip to IKEA planned! I just wish that it was closer, but Dylan is very happy that it's not!


Unknown said...

LOVE IKEA!!!! Nice choices!

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to more pictures as it all comes together !

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