Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So, I Grew a Tree

I'm taking a time-out from my vacation recaps just to show you something awesome.

When I left for vacation in early August, the Avocado pit that I planted back in May had finally begun to sprout, and was about an inch tall.  Having forgot about it just after we returned, since we were trying to get back into routine, my mom asked me one day after work if I had seen it since I returned. I answered no, and she took me by the hand and brought me into the other room, where I had placed the glass vase on the fireplace mantle.  Walking in, it was dark, so I couldn't see it right away, but when she turned on the lights, I saw how much it had grown.

Yes, it was that big! I couldn't believe it! It grew over an inch a day in the time that I was gone!  Plus, the leaves weren't small - they were really big! I didn't think I would have this kind of growth for months, never mind it happening essentially in ten days!

I started doing research on how to care for am adolescent avocado tree, and everything that I read talked about pinching.  Initially, I was confused by the term "pinching," but I figured out that what they meant is to cut off the top of the plant to begin the growth of new branches. By pinching off the top set of leaves, it tricks the plant to begin a new sub-stem, which just ends up being a branch that will grow leaves, instead of only having leaves coming off of the main branch.

I just recently did this, after waiting for a few more leaves to show up, so I'm not a part of the waiting game for the tree to start its new branches. I'm really hoping that this works, because having a nice full tree would be great!

I also read that you can try to put the leaf and bud into a small glass of water to see if it starts to sprout roots, so I did that and we'll see what happens. I doubt that it will survive and start to grow, but it can't hurt to try, right?

And now that I know that I can grow a tree from an avocado pit, I may just start a few more just so I have some nice green in the home. After all, I do have eleven more of those vases leftover from the wedding centerpieces, so I may as well just put them to use!

Have you successfully grown an avocado tree? What did you do to help it branch out?


Sarah b said...

Oh my gosh!! What a cute little tree! Good luck with it!

Kraus House Mom said...

My kids save every seed they find and try and plant it. Maybe someday they will have this success.

Unknown said...

This is SO cool! I can't wait to read more about your tree's progress!!!

Melissa said...

That's awesome. I have always joked about planting my avocado pits, but never have. Maybe I'll have to try it now!

Mands @ Rhody Life said...

You should do this with your kids, then. I think they would love it. It took about 4 weeks for anything with the pit to happen, and then another 2 or 3 for the stem to go to about an inch. Since then, though, it's just grown like crazy. Plus, the tree will grow indoors really well, which means that this could be a great project for a snowy winter day, as long as you have some soil.

Anonymous said...

I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors

Taylor said...

We had a tight schedule resource, but they complied with the original project plan and covered all tasks on time

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