Monday, September 9, 2013

Rhody Goes West: Salt Lake City

D and I stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah for one night between our travels in Moab and our drive up to Yellowstone National Park.

We had plans to see the city, but after it started to rain, we just decided to grab some food and spend the night in the hotel room, catching up on some much needed rest.

Salt Lake Temple at Night - Salt Lake City, Utah

The next morning, we had a few hours before we needed to head out to Yellowstone, so with the blue sky and no clouds, we packed up our things, checked out of the hotel, and saw the downtown area right around where we were staying.  

We walked around until we found a cute little side street and grabbed some breakfast at a delicious little restaurant.  Being the huge genealogy buff that I am, I begged D to go with me to the Family History Library, which unknown to me, was right behind the hotel we were staying at!  I have future plans to travel back to Salt Lake City to spend more than a couple of hours completing my family research, but being able to go inside the library and find some new information was good enough for me for this short trip.  

Me at the Family History Library - Salt Lake City, Utah

Me at the Family History Library - Salt Lake City, Utah

We ended up spending about an hour longer than D wanted to at the library, but he knew that this stop was important to me, so he was more than happy to accommodate.  After the library, we walked across the street to see Temple Square. The Mormon headquarters are in Salt Lake City, and Temple Square is the place in Utah to go if you are interested in Mormon history.  While it's not necessarily a religion that I have interest in, their temple's architecture is something like no other, so we wanted to check that out.

Salt Lake Temple - Salt Lake City, Utah

The Salt Lake Temple isn't open to the public, but even if it were, there was a wedding going on (on a Tuesday!) so we wouldn't have been able to see the inside, but the exterior is absolutely gorgeous.  
There wasn't much else for us to do in Temple Square, since we didn't have much interest in learning about the religion or listening to the lectures, so we wrapped up our time in Salt Lake City with some lunch at one of Guy Fieri's stops on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives places called Pat's In Your Face BBQ. It was delicious, and was perfect to hold us over for our drive North through Idaho to West Yellowstone, Montana.  

Welcome to Idaho!

This gave us two more states on our trip, Idaho and Montana. With Wyoming being the only one left to hit on our vacation, we were more than ready to get to Yellowstone.

What's the most number of states that you have hit up in a single vacation?  


Sharon - said...

Beautiful photos. I would have to sit down and figure out the answer to your question... but it wasn't on a vacation, but rather crossing the country via automobile from California to New Hampshire with my Navy Dad. I was 9 years old and don't remember everything, but my parents were very good at documenting things like this on film and those awesome 8 mm cameras. I'll go digging and ask my Mom a few questions. (By the way, I'm almost 61 now!)

Unknown said...

Awesome photos!!!! You're fueling my desire to go on a road trip!

Jane - said...

Great pictures! The only time I've been to SLC was during a layover from Las Vegas to Boston. I want to go explore the city now! And also, I'm craving BBQ. :)

Unknown said...

Nice photos! So fun to travel!

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