Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Rhody Minimoon: Our Little Inn

When we decided that we were only going to spend a few days in Newport for our Minimoon, I wanted to find a cute bed and breakfast for us to stay in. I knew that Downtown Newport was going to be expensive, but knowing that, I decided that our vacation wouldn't start until Columbus Day so that the rates were lower since that was the very beginning of the off-season. I also scoured the internet for deals and promos that were happening with the different bed and breakfasts in the area.

I was able to find a group of five properties that were historical buildings which were restored into hotels. When I looked at the amenities online, there were some recently remodeled rooms that had built in jacuzzi tubs, instead of shared baths like some of the older rooms. I called up the hotel to ask some questions, and ended up booking with them. We would be staying at the Clarkeston Inn.

When we got there to check in. They had some last minute bookings, and moved our room to the third floor of the house, so we had some privacy from the other guests. The room was very quaint. It had a working wood fireplace, a queen size bed, a small tv, and a bathroom. This bathroom didn't have a jacuzzi tub, like advertised, but it did have a double shower.

For the two mornings that we were at the inn, we took advantage of the breakfast aspect, and went across the street to another one of the houses for a specially made meal. That was the best part of the inn, in my opinion. You could request anything for breakfast and they would make it for you on the spot.

It was a very cute room, and while it wasn't a five star hotel, it was good enough considering how little time we spent there. Next time we take a trip, however, I think I'd rather stay in an actual hotel rather than a bed and breakfast; less chance of the bed squeaking whenever D rolled over in the middle of the night.
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