Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Rhody Minimoon: Flying over the Island

The next day, we woke up and decided to be adventurous and spontaneous. The weather wasn't that great, it was raining on and off and was really cloudy, but that didn't stop us from getting outside.

We talked at breakfast about what we wanted to do for the day, and after seeing a pamphlet by the office at The Clarkeston, I called and made us a reservation for a helicopter tour of Aquidneck Island, which is the island that Newport is on. We drove over the the airport, which is actually is Middletown, the next town over, and met with the staff of Bird's Eye View Helicopters.  We took a crash course, no pun intended, and we were taught what to do and what not to do, including some emergency situation protocols.

We met our pilot, Jeff, and he brought us out to the helicopter. We were the first clients of the day, so the three of us hopped in, and he started it up, letting it run for about five minutes before take-off so it had time to warm up.

Now, let me tell you something. This helicopter was so small. I'm talking two seats in the back, and two in the front, one of which was the pilot's seat.

Front seat of the helicopter / Personal Picture

Also? This was one of the freakiest things I have ever done. You have to understand something. I don't do roller coasters. They make me really queasy, and I get motion sick really easily. D, on the other hand, loves them. But even this made him kind of uneasy. The helicopter was so small that every slight movement was felt, even the lightest breeze.

But, the view was spectacular! And in between squeezing D's hand and clutching onto his arm while we were taking turns and changing altitudes, I was able to capture some great shots!

View of the Newport Bridge and the Jetty / Personal Picture

Newport Bridge - Newport on the Left, Jamestown on the Right / Personal Picture

Newport Bridge - Newport on the Left, Jamestown on the Right / Personal Picture

Newport's Ocean Drive / Personal Picture

Newport Country Club Golf Course / Personal Picture

I will say, I don't think I will ever ride in a helicopter again, at least not one that small. But, I don't regret taking that ride at all. In fact, I am so happy that we did, because it gave us the opportunity to see the island and the sis from a completely different point of view.

After we landed, we went back to the car, and as soon as I sat down, I felt the need to get back out. Everything felt like it was moving still, so we decided to walk around a little bit before heading out, that way we both got the chance to get our land legs and bearings back. Being in that helicopter really threw us for a loop.

I was still not feeling that great after the ride back to the inn, so instead of heading to our next destination immediately, we took a little nap, thinking that would help get rid of the motion sickness that we both ended up with.

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