Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: Right Hand Rings

Early in our wedding planning, we decided that we weren't going to do big gifts for our immediate family.  I did decide, however, that I wanted to give my mom and my sister something small, and knew that jewelry was the perfect answer.  

Being non-traditional, I also decided that I didn't want to switch my engagement ring over to my right hand for the ceremony, and that I wanted to wear additional rings on my right hand.  The rings that I had chosen to wear were a blue cubic zirconia eternity band, and a white cubic zirconia eternity band.  I thought that these paired together would be perfect, and considering that sapphires are my birthstone, that it was appropriate.  

I chose another white cubic zirconia ring that had five stones on the top, and knew that it was simple yet beautiful and that it would be perfect for my sister to wear.  

My mom loves jewelry, I mean, what woman doesn't?  So one day, while searching flash sales, I came across a beautiful amethyst cubic zirconia ring that had three white cubic zirconias set on each side and knew that this ring was screaming my mom's name.  

I gave these rings to my mom and my sister the night before the wedding, and we brought them out together on the wedding day to put them on.  

I love my right hand rings, and I actually still wear them every day.  And they went perfectly with my other accessories, which you'll see me put on next.  

What did you wear on your right hand? Do you still wear the rings?

All photos by Matt Ferrara Photography unless otherwise noted.

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