Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: Arriving Late

Due to our late arrival at the hotel that morning, we were running slightly late to the Botanical Center.  Because of this, things ended up not going as scheduled, and we didn't end up getting the "girls" pictures done, like the guys had been able to do.  Instead, I was frazzled, as you can see in the photos below, and spent the last few minutes before the ceremony leaning into the trunk of my car, scribbling my vows onto a slip of paper, since all I had them written on was my iPad.  

After I finished up, my hand shaking like crazy from pre-ceremony nerves, my dad showed up, and saw me all dressed up for the first time.  I will admit, I did get teary eyed, but that wasn't caught on camera.  The shot below is another one of my favorites from the day - captured from afar.  

At some point while we were waiting behind the ceremony space, the "luckiest" thing happened.  

I got pooped on. By a bird.  

And! The surprising thing was that I didn't even freak out about it.  My first response was actually, "Well, at least it was on the back of the dress and not the front!"

No idea when it happened, but thankfully, our coordinator from the catering company found it and came to the rescue.  Armed with a cup of water, a towel, and a butter knife, she was able to scrape the poop off of the back of my dress, and all the layers of organza that it had gone through, and after that, you couldn't even tell that something was there to begin with!  She was amazing!

After the little cleanup, the last thing to do was wait.  You can see how nervous I was in the pictures below. I just kept asking how much longer, in anticipation for walking down the aisle and getting this ceremony done with. I was just so excited to get married!

Finally, we had gotten word that all our guests were inside the greenhouse, and we could walk over to the front of the ceremony space.  It was relieving to know that the time had finally come.

Were you as impatient as I was just before your ceremony?  Did you have any mishaps, like getting pooped on by a bird?!

All photos by Matt Ferrara Photography unless otherwise noted.

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