Saturday, September 15, 2012

When It's One, It's Not the Other

Progress is being made very quickly in the house, and not at all in terms of the wedding, hence the title of this post.

Family Room / Personal Picture

My To-Do List is still a mile long, and I really hope that we are able to pull it off.

Today is officially 21 days until the wedding.  This is crazy stuff, people. Crazy.

I am hoping to have some time this week to start working on the centerpieces, as I still have to try to cut the wine bottles.  If that doesn't work, it seems as though I will be going out to buy some vases.  Thankfully, all our RSVP numbers are in, and we're exactly where we wanted to be.  I'll do an RSVP Statistics post next, so you can all see how our numbers added up.

Hopefully my sister/MOH will be able to try some hairstyles out on me this week. I have a lot of hair, and we need to figure out really soon if she is going to be able to work with it.

Tuesday we are meeting with the DJ to go over music selections, and ironically, none of the ones that I mentioned previously are ones that we chose! You will have to wait until recaps to figure out our songs.

Between that and our next appointment, I will be figuring out the last of the must-have shots for our photographer.  I have the formals narrowed down, but do you have any suggestions on some non-formal picture ideas?

Next Saturday, ironically my parent's wedding anniversary, FI and I are going to meet with our officiant for the first time. We will hopefully get a good understanding of what the ceremony will be like, and possibly even decide on some readings.  We are really trying to keep it to under 20 minutes, so I really hope that he is able to accomplish that.

Lastly, I would really like to try to get the rag rug done, but I know that it is such low priority compared to everything else on the To-Do List.

Lots and lots to do - thankfully I have my mom and my sister up here now to lend a hand. I think it's finally time to ask for help, what do you think?

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