Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Hair is TOO LONG!!

I've had a task on my To-Do List for a while, and every day that it's not done, a little reminder pops up on my phone to let me know that this hasn't been done yet.  What is it?

My hair trial.

Up until a week ago, my sister was in Georgia with my parents still.  Because we didn't close on the house when we were originally supposed to, they didn't move up here when it was originally planned.  And since my sister is both my MOH and my hairdresser, that was a problem.

This week, I finally told her to stop unpacking and find her curling irons - I needed to figure out my hair, and it needed to be right then.  No exceptions.  But, I didn't have to force her.  She was willing to oblige.

So, after dinner, we set up in the kitchen (bathroom electrical outlets aren't working yet - that's on the house to-do list ;) ) and she got to work on my hair.

As she was curling it, and then laying it to rest on my back while she curled the next section, the weight of my hair was pulling the curls out, as you can see in the next two pictures:

Half of my Hair Curled / Personal Picture

Curled Hair Uncurling / Personal Picture

Turns out that since my hair is so long, it's really heavy, and so the weight of the hair is pulling all the curls out. Which means I may be getting a PWC, only it will be a Pre-Wedding Chop instead of a Post-Wedding Chop.  

But we continued with the trial anyways.  As you may remember, I was inspired by these updos that I found a few months ago, and decided I wanted to try to recreate them.  

Image via Make Me Fabulous

As you may also remember, I have very curly hair when I treat it nicely, so we thought that this could work.  My natural curls though, are very messy, and don't look as nice as these do, hence the need for a curling iron.  

So, after the curling was done, MOH E got to pinning, and she did this rather quickly, so we know that it is messy.

My right side / Personal Picture

The back with the curls (which turned to twists) / Personal Picture

My left side with the overly large chignon which will be much smaller on the wedding day / Personal Picture

A view of the front / Personal Picture

Some changes that will be made are that my hair definitely needs to be cut, because it was just too long to work with!  I'd rather have it be too long than too short though! Also, my hair needs to be curlier, so we are going to try to use my Curlformers, which should help the curls stay in better.  Also, the chignon is going to be a little higher up, because as you can see, it's slightly hitting my shoulder.  We're also going to add some volume to the top because I need it. Oh, and the two flowers that I want will be in there too - they just aren't made yet.  Yeah, I know. I need to get on that, too!

If we have time, we may try it again for the day that I have my final dress fitting.  But, what do you think?  Pretty?  Do you think we need to make any other changes?  

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