Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest List Breakdown

I have always really enjoyed reading about the stats on RSVPs from other brides, so I figured I would share my information here.

To start:

Number of Guests Invited = 104
Number of Guests + Bride & Groom = 106

And the breakdown for that number is the following:

Bride's Family and Friends = 37
Groom's Family and Friends = 57
Bride & Groom's Friends = 12

In total:

Number of Invitations Mailed = 53
Number of RSVPs Received = 52 (Still waiting on one response, but their invitation was received late)

We received 36 RSVPs back in the mail by our September 1st deadline.  We spent the next week contacting our guests via phone, email, Facebook, and text message.

As of right now, we have all but one response back, and the reasoning for that was that the invitation was supposed to be delivered in person to our real estate agent at our closing, but that was pushed back for a few weeks, so she didn't end up getting it at the same time as our other guests.  We've told her that we just need a response by September 23, which is just before our final head count is due to the caterer.

Now, in terms of responses, here's how it panned out:

Number of Guests Accepted = 80
Number of Guests Accepted + Bride & Groom = 82

Bride's Family and Friends = 29
Groom's Family and Friends = 47
Bride & Groom's Friends = 4 (2 of which could be added still)

Overall, this is exactly where we wanted to be, no offense to the guests that we invited, but we were looking to land right around 80.  We are, however, upset some of our family members and friends are unable to join us, and hope that they know they will be missed.

And, for the record, here's our acceptance/decline percentage:

We're just over the wedding-standard rule of 20% of guests declining.  

Did you have numbers similar to this? Were you happy with the outcome of your RSVPs?

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