Friday, February 3, 2012

Shoesies for my toesies

I don't wear heels. You must understand that from the start. I own two pairs, they are both black, and one is a sandal, the other is a pump. They are max two inches tall each. That's about as high as I can go, and they both have chunky heels.  I fractured my ankle and pulled a bunch of stuff in it my freshman year of college, and while my ankle is stronger now after physical therapy, it's still not the same. But more so, heels just aren't my thing. I like to be comfortable, they just aren't to me.  So, I typically wear either flats or sneakers.

A few years ago, I was looking for a pair of white flats. I went to Payless and found a really cute pair by the American Eagle brand for Payless, so I bought them.  I wore them almost every day that spring and summer, and they got pretty torn up.  So, when I found them still listed on the Payless site, I ordered three more pairs. I decided that I would wear down the two extra pairs, and that I would keep the other pair in its original packaging and wear for the wedding.  I knew that they were comfortable, and they were cute.

Image via Wedding Obsession / American Eagle for Payless - Millie in White *Shoes have been retired from Payless Website

After reading countless wedding blogs, I noticed the trend of wearing colored shoes under your wedding dress. I absolutely loved this idea, but I had to make sure that the shoes were going to be comfortable, and shoes that I would wear again.  About a year later, I came across a blog post with an adorable pair of yellow shoes with teal soles. I contacted the blogger, and she found out who made them: Gavrielli.

Image via Design Sponge

I found the website for the shoes, immediately fell in love, and since they were a new designer, they were having a promo. So, I contacted the company and ordered a pair in yellow, as pictured above, and a pair in orange - my favorite color.  They shipped that afternoon, and I received them in the mail two days later. I opened the box to find the most beautiful packaging! It was absolutely gorgeous, and tucked inside was a handwritten note from the owner with her personal email address to contact her in case there were any issues.

And, I did just that - I contacted her. Primarily to tell her how gorgeous both the packaging and the shoes were, but also to help with an exchange, as the shoes were just a tad bit too small.  She said she would send out the new pair right away, and I could keep the too small ones to make sure that the new ones fit better and I didn't want to revert, and then told me to mail back the ones I didn't want after, using the prepaid return address label. 

I'm telling you, the customer service was incredible! And I'm not being paid or compensated to write this. It really was this good.

The new size fit perfectly, so I sent back the too small shoes, and thanked the owner again by email.  So, here are the shoes that I bought:

Image via Tieks / Tangerine Tieks

Image via Tieks / Mustard Yellow Tieks

So, I love this shoes so much, and I cannot recommend them more.  Therefore, I have decided that I will be wearing the orange ones under my dress on the day of the wedding. They are comfortable, cute, and stylish, and I cannot wait to have that peek of color under my white dress.

PS - Since then, I have also ordered both the Clover Green and Navy Tieks, and when the weather is nice out, I wear them to work. I cannot wait for it to get nice out, as I have tons of outfits planned with these colorful accessories.  Now I just have to keep the orange ones in tip-top shape for the wedding. That may be hard considering I want to wear them every day!

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