Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Check us out on the web!

Working in technology and having designed many websites before, I knew that I wanted this to be special and as near to perfect as possible.  I knew about all the free wedding websites that are offered out there, but I wanted something more unique, and more importantly, I wanted to be able to customize a lot of different elements.  So, I decided to create my own.  Although I know how to create websites from scratch, and have done that before, I figured that I would use something that I am familiar with, and not try to make it too complex, so I decided to use Blogger.

While I did use a free template offered by Blogger, I made a lot of different changes to it, adding my own images and text, and changing the layout, and made it my own.  I also took advantage of the deal offered, and purchased a custom domain name for only $10.

It took me a few months to get the site to be the way that I wanted it to look, but we finished it up this past week, just in time for the Save the Dates to go out.

Here are a few screenshots of the site. I hope you enjoy!

Homepage of our wedding website / Personal Picture

What to Do page of our wedding website / Personal Picture

Did you create your own wedding website, hire out, or use one of the templates offered by so many of the wedding idea websites out there?

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