Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dress Purchased!

Bought the dress! But you'll have to wait till the wedding day to find out which one I purchased! I don't want FI to accidentally see, sorry!

But I can at least tell you about the story, and the FINAL chapter of this journey.

When my mom decided that she wanted to come up for a weekend, I made sure that we scheduled it around the Watters Trunk Show at the boutique I bought the dress from.  I had finally decided that it was going to be a dress from the Watters collection, so I figured it would be really worthwhile to buy at a trunk sale, where not only were the dresses discounted, but the entire collection was available to try on, even the new Spring 2012 collection!

I have been stalking the Watters websites and all wedding-related blogs for months now, staring at the new collections, and they are gorgeous! I was so excited that I was going to be able to try on all these new dresses, and even better, that I could possibly be purchasing one.

So, with the longest list yet, my mom, FMIL, and I drove up to the little shop I once visited on my own to try on some dresses.  Turns out, we were supposed to get some serious snow, so the hour and a half drive took almost two and half hours, so we were a little late for the appointment, but they still let us in. Yay!

The first dress I tried on was from the new Spring 2012 Collection, WToo "Gwyneth."  Beautiful dress, with a stunning belt, but the fabric was kind of scratchy, and it didn't do all that much for my shape, so we decided to scratch it off the list.

Watters WToo "Gwyneth" / Personal Picture

The next dress was also from the new collection, Watters "Alexandra."  This was a beautiful dress, and I loved the skirt shape and layers. The only issue that we saw was that the raw edges of the fabric were fraying, and while the Watters Representative said that that would happen on the gown with a lot of handling, it was more severe on this one since it was a trunk show sample dress and has been tried on a lot and traveled a lot.  That still didn't really make me all that comfortable, so we decided to cross this one off the list too.

Watters "Alexandra" with Watters "Coco" belt in Vanilla Bean / Personal Picture

 Watters "Alexandra" with Watters "Coco" belt in Vanilla Bean / Personal Picture

The Watters "Chrissie" dress was one that really caught my eye during my Internet search. The shape of this dress was fabulous, and the look of the fabric flowers all over was gorgeous too. The downsides to this dress were that it was heavy, and almost fluffy, because the outer layer of fabric, where all the flowers were was very thick, so I felt that it made me look bigger than I actually was. Although, looking at the picture again, I am reminded of how stunning the shape of the skirt is!

Watters "Chrissie" / Personal Picture

Staying with that same shape, I tried on the one my mom and MOH E loved from Thanksgiving weekend, that way I could see it again and make a decision of whether or not I liked it enough to keep on the list, and FMIL hadn't seen it yet either, so this was an opportunity to get her opinion too.  I tried it on with the pickups rolled up again, but I also took pictures of it with the pickups down, since I didn't last time.  We also tried it with another belt, and that really made a difference in the way that the dress looked.  After trying this one on, it was still on the list.

Watters WToo "Yardleigh" with Watters "Coco" belt in Vanilla Bean / Personal Picture 

Watters WToo "Yardleigh" with Watters "Coco" belt in Vanilla Bean / Personal Picture 

Going back to the original dress I tried on when I first started my dress search, Watters had a similar one, called "Carmel."  I tried on this dress, and really liked it, especially with a belt with a little more detail in it, but ultimately, it really didn't do anything for my body in the behind shot, and I wanted something that flattered my shape.

Watters "Carmel" with unknown belt / Personal Picture

I told the consultant that I had also previously tried on Watters "Lasara" and liked that one, although it didn't have enough detail for me, so she brought out Watters "Malibu," which is very similar, except the flowers are three-dimensional and have small little beads in them that make them glitter.  I liked this one a lot, but felt it was missing something else. I couldn't pin-point it though. Also, like the "Carmel," it didn't do all that much for my backside.

Watters "Malibu" / Personal Picture

Since I liked that shape, the Watters Representative told me I should try on WToo "Desdemona" which was fitted a bit more through the hips, giving me a little more shape from behind.  I really liked the flower details on this one - it was similar to Watters "Lasara," except this one had flowers on the bust as well.  This was quickly brought to the top three on my list.

Watters WToo "Desdemona" / Personal Picture

Watters WToo "Desdemona" / Personal Picture

Another bride was in the shop with us, and came out with WToo "Camilla" on, and my mom immediately gasped at that dress. She asked the consultant to pull that for me once that bride was done, and so I tried that on after she was finished.  I liked the dress a lot, and had seen it online with the other new designs.  When I tried it on though, the fabric was very scratchy, and not soft, like it looked in pictures and in person.  Whenever I put my arms at my sides, the dress would scratch me, and you can actually see me in the picture trying to avoid that. So, even though it is a gorgeous design, it wasn't the one for me.

Watters WToo "Camilla" / Personal Picture

When making this appointment, I made sure to try on the dress I had been obsessing about for months, that way my mom could see it in person. And I did just that. I tried it on, still loved it and showed it to my mom and FMIL, since she hadn't seen it either.  My mom was finally able to see the potential that the dress had and how much I loved it. I mean, can you see in my face how much I love that dress?

Watters "Sterling" with modified waistband / Personal Picture

That's it for the dresses that I tried on, but I will tell you - the dress that I chose is in the pictures above. One of the top three that I narrowed it down to, but you will have to wait for after the wedding to find out which one it is!

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