Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Bling

So, as a reminder, this is my engagement ring:

Engagement Ring / Personal Picture *Again, please ignore the foot

Now, my engagement ring was ordered from Blue Nile, and was not a custom design.  When you order "standard" engagement rings from chain stores or popular companies, they are likely to have a matching wedding band. And, luckily for me, this one has one too!  Since I love to be matchy-matchy, here is the wedding band that matches my ring:

Image via Blue Nile / Engraved Micropave Platinum Diamond Ring

Gorgeous! I cannot wait to try it on and wear it permanently!

Before ordering my ring, however, we started looking at rings for FI.  FI's ring, has been a bit more of a trouble.  I used to sell jewelry from one of those home-sale companies a few years ago, so I took out my ring sizer, and got the measurements - size 10.5.  I found a plain band, also from Blue Nile, as FI did not want something too ornate, and wanted something similar to his dad's ring, just not in yellow gold.  So, we ordered this ring, knowing that Blue Nile allows returns if it doesn't work out:

Image via Blue Nile / Comfort Fit 3mm Platinum Wedding Band *Yes, I know this is the women's band. They don't have the men's listed anymore.

FI tried this on, and it was way too big, to the point where if he put his hand with his fingers down, it slid right off.  Turns out, that FI had Chinese food for lunch that day, and so his hands were swollen from the sodium.  So, lesson learned - don't eat Chinese food around the time you have your finger sized for a wedding band.  

Also, I thought that the band was a little too thin for his hand, and made it look to dainty. So, we compared the thickness of that band with a few of my right-hand rings, and determined that his ring would look better if it was at least a 5mm.

I contacted Blue Nile and they accepted the return - seriously, they are awesome. We ordered another ring for FI to try on, this time in a size 10, since that is what my ring sizer said was his size sans Chinese food.

We got this in the mail the next day, literally:

Image via Blue Nile / Comfort Fit 5mm White Gold Wedding Band

This ring width was so much better, but the size was still too big.  So, FI remembered, conveniently, that Blue Nile had sent a plastic ring sizer with my engagement ring, so he went and found that, and figured out that he could go with either a 9 or a 9.5.  Now that we had his ACTUAL ring size, we could order this ring in the size he needed.  Problem: this ring was being discontinued, and all sizes other than 10's were special order, adding a couple of hundred dollars onto the cost.

So, we haven't ordered his wedding band yet, and are still trying to figure out what to do.  Since we have so much time, we're hoping that Blue Nile comes out with some new styles that won't end up costing us an arm and a leg to have made, i.e.: special order and extra costs.

Has anyone else ordered from Blue Nile? Did your engagement ring come with a matching wedding band? If not, how did you decide on what you wanted?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mands!

I just stumbled across this entry while looking up images of what appears to be the exact engagement ring that you have. I'm looking to purchase one from Blue Nile for my special woman. =)

What I'm really interested in is finding out how wide/narrow the setting band actually is... or really how it appears. Blue Nile lists it as 2.5mm wide, which seems relatively narrow, but it appears to look quite nice on you. Would it be too much to ask what size your setting is, as well as the size of the center stone?

I understand if this is all too personal for somebody you've never talked to or met before, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. It sounds like you've had a great experience with BN, and I hope that it'll be the same for me too!


Caleb M.
darkelf906 @t (gee)mail [d0t] com

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