Wednesday, October 30, 2013

High Point Market - Fall 2013

It is my dream to someday make it to High Point Market. I know that you have to be a designer, corporate buyer, or someone of equal "importance" in the home interiors and design world, but at some point in my life, I WILL make it to High Point, and you can hold me to that.

Last week was the Fall showing for High Point in North Carolina.  Being as how I couldn't go, as mentioned above, I turned to Instagram to walk me through the thousands of different pieces of furniture, decor, and designs.  I think going through the pictures actually made my want to go so much worse, but I was glad to be able to see the items in almost real time.

I made a collage of all my favorite items from the week and linked them to their appropriate Instagram user for credit.  For the most part, I made up the descriptions of the photos, and a lot of them were not sourced to the actual designer or retailer, so I apologize if this is your design or creation and you did not receive credit.  

Photo credit in "snake" order: Acrylic Arm Chairs via studiol_nj, Classic Bombe Chest via apartmenttherapy, Bowl Floor Lamp via maison21, Brass Oversized Ottoman via astylistslife, Cascade Chandelier via carpenterkl, Colorful Upholstered Headboards via leeindustries, Color Pop Accent Chest via furniturecart, Colorful Coastal Chairs via coastal_living, Chevron Chaise via hookerfurniture, Celestial Chandelier via lightingsnobs, Concrete Dining Set via urbiafurniture, Digitally Printed Fabric via susandickenson, Clear Doorknob via reuschinteriordesign, Fabric Swatches via janelpix, Garden Furniture via pamelastraub, Green Transitional Chair via studiol_nj, Green Bar Cabinet via worldsaway1, Greek Key Bureau via savageinteriordesign, Gold Leaf Lamp via jjacksonliving_jdouglasliving, Gray and Cream Coffee Table via cabincreekva, Hide Rugs via indetailsays, Colorful Ikat Chair via circlefurniture, Swarovski Pillows via lisafain, Gray and Yellow Rug via lifeinsketch, Nesting Tables via apartmenttherapy, Horizontal Stripe Chair via dauhomefurnishings, Fabric Swatches via wayfair, Chair Details via roomhints, Orange Barrel Chair via livingwithcolordesigns, Orange Canvas Chair via dieselkb, Modern Rug Patterns via suryasocial, Accent Vases via suryasocial, Tufted Flare Arm Chair via idsnational, Tufted Ottoman via dauhomefurnishings, Gray Tufted Circle Chair via carocake1, Yellow Sofa and Cubes via furnitureconnexion, Mid-Century Bench via astylistslife, Turquoise Stack Cabinet via cococozy

Wow, I am so overwhelmed by the beauty in those pieces. Between the textures and the bright colors, and even the unexpected items, like the Swarovski pillows! I can't wait to see some of them actually hit stores so I can ogle at them some more, and touch them(!) since chances are I won't be able to afford any of them!  

Which item is your favorite? Did you stalk High Point like I did? What did you see that stood out and made you scream, "I Want That Now!" ?


Anonymous said...

My brother is a VP with a rug manufacturer. He has promised to take me to High Point some year. I am holding him to that! -- Felicia

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