Monday, August 13, 2012

Assembly Line

Ok, so now that all the cutting and the printing has been completed, I can now show you the final, finished product! And one that I am so super proud of.  In fact, I really regret not putting something on the back of them along the lines of "DIY by the Bride" just so I could get a little credit for the hours of hard work I put into making these.

Ok, enough blabbering - onto the reveal!!

Because my Map & Directions card was double sided and sized larger than the pocket would accommodate, I had to fold it in half.  I once again used the boning knife for this, and then gently folded the card at the crease that was made.  This worked perfectly, and the ink from the printer didn't smudge at all!

Front of Folded Map & Directions Card / Personal Picture

Inside of Folded Map & Directions Card / Personal Picture

The next part was to assemble everything.  I glued the white invite card to the orange one using a spray adhesive, and then glued both pieces together to the pocketfold.

Invitation Glued to Pocketfold / Personal Picture

Following that, I started stuffing the pocket part of the pocketfolds.  The Map & Directions card went in first since it was the tallest piece.  

Map & Directions Card in Pocketfold / Personal Picture

Next was the Accommodations Card.

Accommodations Card / Personal Picture

Accommodations Card in Pocketfold / Personal Picture

Lastly, was the RSVP Card. I did two different versions, as we had a few people that were not given a +1, so for them, I made a singular form of the RSVP Card.

RSVP Cards / Personal Picture
RSVP Card under Envelope Fold / Personal Picture

RSVP Card in Pocketfold / Personal Picture

And lastly, the closed Pocketfold.  Please ignore the really long fingernail. I decided not to use anything to keep them shut, as it would have added extra weight to the envelope, and I was already at where I wanted to be - $0.65 exactly!

Closed Pocketfold Invitation / Personal Picture

I am so so proud of these, and actually wouldn't mind making more! I had a lot of fun with these, and hopefully I'll be able to help a friend or family member make theirs at some point!

Anyone else DIY their invites and love it?!

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