Friday, June 29, 2012

Minimoon Me

Since we just bought a house, and are spending a lot of money on that right now, we have officially decided to not take a big honeymoon right after the wedding.  Instead, we will be going on a quick getaway to Newport, Rhode Island for a few days after the wedding!!

We live very close to Newport, and have been there before, but this little trip will allow us to play tourist and get to do some things that we have not done before.  It will also be our first vacation with just the two of us.  I'm very excited for what we are going to do.

Some of the things I have come up with are the touring the Newport Mansions, doing the Cliff Walk, wine and brewery tastings, a picnic on the Ocean Drive, playing tennis at the Hall of Fame, dinner at 22 Bowens and the Newport Blues Cafe, a helicopter or hot air balloon tour, a Segway tour of Downtown, and learning how to blow glass at a local studio.

Anyone else have any recommendations as to what we could do?  We're only going to be there for three days, so our time is limited, but we want to try to do as much as possible.  

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