Monday, June 4, 2012

I-Do, Up-Do

Now that we're almost four months out (OMG, FREAKING OUT!!!), I have compiled a few hairstyles that I really like.

My sister, if you remember, will be doing my hair the day of the wedding, so I need to come up with some styles so that she can figure out what tools she needs to do them, and can hopefully practice a bit.

These are some of the ones that have stuck out to me:

Image via Make Me Fabulous

But, I haven't yet decided if I will be wearing my hair in an up-do, or a half-do on the day I say I Do.  All I know is that the hairstyle has to be accommodating to a hair flower, because I will be wearing one of those.  I just need to send my mom the material so she can start up with making it.  

Thoughts on these hairstyles? Have you found anything similar to these that you think I will like?

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