Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally Chosen

FI has finally chosen his wedding band. After going through two very easy returns with Blue Nile on rings we thought would work for FI, we finally started looking at the different options again.

I had done some research on the different types of metals, and personally thought that Palladium was the best option for FI.  

According to Blue Nile:
Screen Shot from Blue Nile

I ran this by FI, and what he really liked about it was that he didn't have to be "careful" with it. In other words, he didn't have to take it off to work outside, or clean the bathrooms, or swim (guaranteed the fit is right).  

So we looked at the options. Since you already know that FI really liked the simple comfort fit bands, his choice was very easy.

Image via Blue Nile / Comfort Fit 6mm Men's Wedding Band in Palladium

I put the size 9 ring in the cart, added the discount code I was emailed earlier in the week ("Not without coups, baby. Not without coups.") and hit the big Order button.

In two days, the ring was delivered. FI tried it on, and it fit perfectly, so it's a keeper!

Here are some pretty shots for you. FI won't let me take a picture of him with it on yet. He say's that's not going to happen until the wedding day. I guess I can wait that long :)

Personal Pictures

Have you or your FI ever worn or ordered a Palladium ring? Did you think it was going to be that dark? I thought it was going to be more the color of white gold or sterling silver.

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