Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bridal Reflections

From the title of this post, you may think that this is about me reflecting on being a bride. But, it's actually not.

Bridal Reflections is the name of the bridal shop I went to this past weekend in Massapequa, NY with BM A.  This store was great!

When I first called them, I was still in "search for dresses mode."  I called every bridal store that carried the Watters line within a half hour radius of BM A's house, trying to find out which store would work best for us.  I asked the consultant about some very specific style numbers from the Watters BM Dress Collection, and not only was she great, but she looked up all (9!) of them for me in her database.  They had three on site, which was the most I had been able to find at one store so far in my search.  

I decided to call the Carle Place location as well, to see if they had some additional style numbers, but unfortunately they did not.  I eventually called back to the Massapequa store and made my appointment for 1:30 on Saturday the 12th.  

BM A was able to get the four of us (FI and her husband included) tickets to a car show that Saturday morning, so we hung out there for a while since the weather was so nice.  After being outside in the heat for too long, we decided to grab some lunch, but after seeing how busy every single place was and not wanting to run late to our appointment, we thought we would just stop by Bridal Reflections to see if we could get in early.  At this point, it was 12:45, so we thought that we may just need to wait it out until 1:30.  When we got there, the place was packed, and there were bridal parties everywhere!  We walked up to the counter and told them that we had an appointment in 45 minutes, but were wondering if we could get in a little bit earlier. They said sure! They were able to accommodate us within ten minutes of our arrival, and not only that, but they also had all the style numbers I had previously told them on hold for me behind the counter.  They let us look around a little bit while they were preparing our room, then took what we found and what they were holding for us into a dressing room.

While we were trying the dresses on, the consultant left us alone, allowed us to make our own decisions, and just checked up on us every once in a while.  

And now to the pictures! The first dress that BM A tried on was Watters BM Dress 6478, and we liked the shape of this dress a lot, and the top was very flattering in the way that it criss-crossed. We kept this one on the list.

Watters BM Dress 6478 / Personal Picture

Next, BM A tried on the dress she originally tried on at the store in Connecticut. We still really liked this one, and actually liked it better than the first one, so we crossed that off the list.

Watters BM Dress 7111 / Personal Picture

This next dress was one that I absolutely loved online, and wish that I had an event to go to that way I could buy it and wear it!  Even though my MOH/BM will be in short dresses, I thought that this one could be cut shorter if it was chosen.  BM A tried it on and really liked it, but at this point, the consultant had come back to check on us.  She took a look at BM A in the dress, and said that it looked great, but that she thought I was going for short dresses, which is when I told her the plan for cutting it if we ordered it.  She said that this dress in particular is constructed in a way that when cut short, it doesn't open correctly at the bottom because of the way the side panels are sewn into the skirt.  So, even though we really loved this dress, it was unfortunately no longer a contender.  
Watters BM Dress 9113 / Personal Picture

This next dress was one that I really liked online, but wasn't sure how it would look in person.  BM A was a little hesitant to try it on at first, but obliged since I told her I really liked it. And turns out, she really liked it too! And, she liked it so much, that she chose this one! In the pictures below, it is shown with spaghetti straps, but A will actually wear it strapless.  

Watters BM Dress 9442 / Personal Picture

So with the dress chosen, we packed up our stuff and headed off to lunch. And, the best part? We walked out the door of the shop at the time our appointment was supposed to start! Unfortunately, though, there was a worst part...

See that chair in the last picture? Yeah, that's where I left my camera. But, there's a happy ending to this story, because I called the shop on Monday when I realized that my camera was missing, and they told me that it was turned in (NO WAY! This never happens!) and that they would hold it for me. When I said that I was hoping they could ship it, since I live in Rhode Island and they are in New York, they said they would, and wouldn't accept me paying for the shipping! How awesome!

So, thanks to Bridal Reflections, BM A has chosen her dress, and I got my camera back! Woohoo!

Pretty Camera! (Never leaving my sight again!) / Personal Picture

Has anyone else worked with Bridal Reflections before? Have you ever lost your camera? How did that pan out?

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