Monday, March 10, 2014

Laundry Procrastination

I've never been one to have a laundry routine. I don't do laundry every day, nor every week. I simply go without until I literally can't anymore. Dylan and I have the ability to literally go over two months without needing to do laundry. Does that happen regularly? No, but it did once, actually.

When my parents moved out, they took their washing machine and dryer with them, since the house we bought didn't have any. I made sure to take advantage of still having a washer and dryer before they moved out, and did a few loads of laundry just before their moving day. When they moved out in the beginning of December, though, we kicked ourselves into survival mode. With the purchase of furniture and a new TV on the horizon, we decided that we would try to wait as long as possible before making the big purchase of our first washer and dryer. And I'm happy to say that we made it until February.

On Saturday, February 1, Dylan and I took a little trip to Sears to finally bite the bullet and buy our first major appliances together - our new washer and dryer. Now, what you need to understand is that this wasn't a sporadic purchase. I had spent hours and hours of time researching what we wanted and what we didn't want in our new appliances.

Like the tech geek within me, I clearly wanted the new set from LG that has a smartphone app that tells you when your laundry is done, but the price tag on that was waaaay more than we wanted to spend. In fact, the price tag on just the washing machine was more than we spent for both the washer and the dryer together! Insane!

In terms of actual features though, here's what we were looking for:
  1. Top-Load Washing Machine
  2. Electric Dryer
  3. Spin-only cycle
  4. Rinse & spin cycle
  5. Timed Dry
  6. Wrinkle Free cycle
  7. At least 4.2 cu. ft. washer
  8. High Efficiency
  9. Energy Savings
  10. Cold-water friendly
The first thing may come to you as a surprise, but yes, I actually wanted a top-loading washer. I have had nothing but bad experiences with front loaders. Yes, they are typically a lot larger than top-loaders, but the rubber barrel barriers constantly have mildew and mold issues, and I've had water draining issues along with clothing getting stuck in the rubber barriers before. And some of you may never have problems with your front-loaders, but considering that there is a pretty serious class action lawsuit against one of the top manufacturers of this style machine, I knew I didn't want to take any chances with this type of washer. Top-loader it was.

So, after probably over 25 hours of research on sets that matched my criteria, I finally found a set. Surprisingly, they aren't making very many top-load washers with agitators now, as the new high-efficiency models use a different technology. The set we chose, made by LG, was one of those without an agitator. Despite some reviews of other models that clothes weren't getting as clean without an agitator, this set was available at a bunch of different stores, and all of the reviews were great across the board. So we went to our local Sears, got the run down from the sales associate just to make sure we were going to be satisfied, and then made our purchase. And for an extra $10, we were able to have it delivered the next day, on a Sunday, meaning I didn't need to take any time off of work for the delivery, and I could get some laundry done that weekend!

LG Washer and Dryer from Sears

The delivery guys arrived at 8:30am on Sunday, and had the washer and dryer in their spots and hooked up in the basement laundry room within a half hour. Perfect! Because it was below freezing outside, they said to wait two hours until you start your first load, that way the machines could acclimate to the indoor temperature. After that, they were ready to go!

LG Washer and Dryer from Sears

LG Washer and Dryer from Sears

And the first day of laundry was a success, as have been all three following that! I am so pleased with our purchase and now I guess I am a little excited to do laundry. The machines play a little tune whenever you turn them on and off, and the buttons are in a perfect location. The washing machine barrel is deep, and gigantic, which means washing two sets of queen sheets and three weeks of towels at the same time isn't an issue at all. There are so many different cycle options,  including the ones on my must-have list, that I don't know if I will ever even use all of them! 

LG Washer and Dryer from Sears
Washing machine controls

LG Washer and Dryer from Sears
Dryer controls

But, who knows - maybe now that I have some beautiful new appliances, laundry will happen more often!

What was the first big appliance purchase you made for your house? What kind of washer and dryer do you have: top-loader or front-loader?


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