Friday, February 7, 2014

Flash Sale Friday: Olympic Rings and Round Things

It's time for another...

Each week, I will be featuring some of the week's best picks from my favorite Flash Sale sites and creating a room inspiration board for all of you to enjoy!  If you have a room that needs decorating and you are looking for some inspiration, feel free to email me what you are looking for, and I'll see what I can come up with for you, and you will be featured in a future Flash Sale Friday post!

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If you couldn't already tell by the title of this week's Flash Sale Friday, Rhody Life is celebrating the Olympics! Dylan and I are so excited that the Winter Olympics have finally started, and we are really looking forward to watching tonight's Opening Ceremonies.  Our favorite event to watch is Curling - not something that you see every day, or something that is readily available to play, but it's such an interesting sport to watch. 

So, in honor of the Winter Olympics, this Flash Sale Friday is based loosely on the Olympic Rings - round things in the colors of the rings.  Most of the logos of the Olympic rings are shown in Gold or White, but the actual colors of the rings are Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Black.  So, without any more hesitation or rambling about Curling, here are this week's items!

1. Wild Honey Candle via Gilt  2. Set of 3 Metal Trays via Gilt  3. Interlude Lapis Oval Platter via One Kings Lane  4. Subatomic Ceiling Lamp via Gilt  5. Set of 3 Metal Baskets via Gilt
6. Sorano Table Lamp in Green via Joss & Main  7. Martine Storage Ottoman via Joss & Main
8. Louisa Sea Green Round Accent Table via 55 Downing Street  9. Lenox Kobenstyle Chili Red Casserole Dish via Hautelook  10. Murano Bowl in Blue via One Kings Lane  11. Kraven Round Black Accent Table via 55 Downing Street  12. Print Pouf in Brick Red via Hautelook  13. Europe2You Green Mason Jar via MyHabit  14. Crimson Lacquer Mirror via One Kings Lane  15. Oxford Rug in Navy via Joss & Main  16. Round Spindle Table in Muted Yellow via Beyond the Rack  17. Leff Amsterdam Glass Arabic Clock via MyHabit

Yes, I do know that not all of these things are round, like the rug, for example, but the pattern on it is round, so it plays along with this week's theme.  I know, it's kind of a stretch, but stay with me please!  You know I'm not afraid of color, so this post really speaks to me. Plus, it can also inspire you to decorate your home a little bit for this once-every-four-year-event (or two if you count Summer Olympics!)! 

Do you have any of the five colors of the Olympic Rings in your home? Which one is your favorite to decorate with? What is your favorite Winter Olympic Event?

Please Note: All of the images in this post have been used with permission. Images were not modified or altered to fit in this inspiration board. Flash Sale invitation links may provide me with rewards if items are purchased by a new member.

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