Thursday, May 9, 2013

That's a lot of Mulch!

Because the previous owner of the house never did anything with the landscaping, we have had a big project on our hands.  So big, in fact, that it has taken us a few weeks to even get all of the weeding to an almost-done point.  The thing about weeding though, is that if you don't put something down over the soil in your garden bed right after weeding, the weeds will come back.  And just so you know, we haven't put anything down in the garden bed, so the weeds have come back.

Since our garden beds only have large shrubs and evergreens, we will need some low-lying flowering plants. I have some in mind, like daisies, lilacs, daffodils, lavender, forsyth, and hyacinth, which I think will look great.  Plus, we will be transporting some plants to the new garden bed that we will have in the middle of the front lawn, just to give the property some dimension.

We finally started discussing what we will put down, and decided on traditional bark mulch, but in black instead of brown.  We took measurements this weekend so I could start getting quotes on how much mulch we would need, and it is so much more than I thought! If we were to do only the garden beds that line the house, we would need 7 yards of mulch. But, once you include the beds that don't directly touch the house, we more than double the amount, and we would need 16 yards.

That's a lot of mulch!

But the nice thing about mulch, is that it helps things look nice. And that's exactly what our yard needs right now.  With Mother's Day this weekend, it looks as though we won't be getting the beds mulched, but that means that we can shop for plants and hopefully score some of the ones I showed you above.

I am so looking forward to getting some color in the front of our house.

What are your favorite plants to put in your garden beds?

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