Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yet another project...

I've been big into sewing my own clothing for a little while now, and I've always been pretty crafty, so I have quite a few DIY blogs that I follow, not to mention all the little projects that pop up on Pinterest all the time!

Recently, I came across these posts for rag rugs, and they really caught my eye.  I thought that it would look beautiful in a house, but we don't have one yet.  So, I decided to think about what else it could be used for, and thought about the wedding. I mean, come on, like any other bride finding a new DIY idea doesn't think about how she can incorporate it into the wedding.

Then, it hit me.  The ceremony space is in one of the greenhouses at the Botanical Center, but the thing is that the ground is concrete.  Given the way that the fountain separates the center of the space and there are actually two aisles that go around the fountain, that would be too much to decorate, never mind the fact that that is where all of our guests will be standing.  So, I have decided that since it's just concrete that we will be standing on, that a little rug for the two of us would look cute.

Unlike most rag rugs, however, I chose the colors that I wanted, and didn't just use rags that I had laying around, because honestly, I don't just have rags laying around.  So I went to the store, and bought 6 of the cheapest king size sheets I could find.  And then I washed and dried them, then ripped them up.  Yep, and then with one single continuous strip of a single king size sheet, I made a giant ball, and threatened to play bocce in the house. FI loved that idea, and it may have happened.

But, now, I have to braid one of each color strip together, and that could take a really long time.  Since I don't have any pictures quite yet, I'll leave you with some of my inspiration pictures, and I'll be back shortly with a DIY, because I know you will want one as soon as you see how it comes out.

Image via The House That Lars Built / Chevron Crochet Rug

Image via Fine Craft Guild / Eco-Friendly Bath Mat

Image by Craft Passion via Curbly / No-Sew Rag Rug

Beautiful, right? Can you see us standing on a rug like this to jazz up the ceremony space just a bit?

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