Monday, September 12, 2011

No Such Thing as Too Many Colors

Choosing the color palette for our wedding was another one of those things that I have had done for longer than the engagement.  This was actually one of the easiest decisions made in the planning process so far.

I decided that choosing a random color palette would be not really "us," so I decided that nothing was better than choosing my favorite color, FI's favorite color, and a few other colors to help balance it out.

My favorite color is ORANGE:

FI's favorite color is YELLOW:

Those two colors together are a little to close to McDonald's, so we needed to add some other colors in there.  I have really been into the impact that gray has had on color schemes, and how modern it makes it look, so I started by adding in CHARCOAL GRAY:

I loved this combination, but everyone I was talking to was telling me that I shouldn't put my girls in orange dresses.  I have always wanted my girls in orange dresses, but they felt that it would be too much.    That really only left yellow, since gray dresses with gray suits would look kind of drab, even with colorful accessories and flowers. So, I started playing around with adding a fourth color. I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to add GREEN:

The color palette was essentially complete, but I thought that since we are not going to go overboard with table linen colors and place setting colors, that I would make everything (including my dress) match by adding WHITE:

So there you have it, our color palette! 

It may be a lot of colors, but there's no such thing as too many, right? Or wrong?

All images personal unless otherwise credited.

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