Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Move your feet

A few weeks ago, FI and I met with a potential DJ.  This DJ had been on my list for a while, and while his services were great, he was priced much higher than we wanted to spend.  So, I looked around for some less expensive options that had great reviews and found All 4 You DJ.  FI and I liked the reviews that we read, and they had our wedding date available, so we booked an appointment with them to meet them and discuss their services in more detail.

We loved talking with them, and playing with their new puppy, but that had nothing to do with us booking with them.  Glenn and Anne were great, very personable, and work together as a team.  They showed us their sound system, and it was great. The speakers are slim line, and aren't eye-sores or take up a lot of space, but the thing is that they sound amazing. I seriously wish that I could have those speakers follow me around everywhere, because the quality is outstanding.

Glenn and Anne have a database of music that we can go through to choose what we want and don't want on our play lists, which will also really help us in customizing the reception.  They also have a smaller setup that they will be able to use in the ceremony space, which can be controlled from the main station in the reception space.

We are very excited to have someone booked to provide the entertainment for our guests, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone moving their feet to the music!

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