Sunday, October 2, 2011


Choosing a photographer was one of the easiest vendor choices we have had to make - NOT.

I spent so many hours researching photographers, falling in love with their pictures and photojournalistic styling, and then being heartbroken when seeing their price lists.  While FI and I decided that photographs from our wedding were going to last forever and were extremely important, we could not justify spending over $2K for our package.  Because we wanted so much out of it, this was very hard to find.  It basically cut out all of the more popular photographers around this area.

So, I turned to a bride's favorite resource, Facebook.  Ok, so maybe not favorite wedding-planning resource, but it sure helped me in this task.  I put a post up to my recently married and wedding-planning friends about their photographers and price points if they were willing to share, and I got some great answers.  I took a look at their albums on Facebook, then on their individual blogs, and made a list of my top ones.  One comment I got on my post intrigued me though. My youngest cousin had just had her senior high school pictures taken by a photographer who also shoots weddings, and she gave me the password to see her pictures on the photographers website. I took a look and was floored at how gorgeous they were, and how different they were from traditional senior pictures.  He was quickly added to the list to consider.

FI and I set up three meetings with three different photographers, and spoke with each of them about the services and price points, and their favorite things about weddings in terms of photography.

I won't get into the boring details about each of the meetings, and instead, I will just tell you who FI chose (because I am a terrible decision maker).  We have signed a contract with Matt Ferrara Photography, the one who did my cousin's senior pictures.  His work was great, and with just a bit of customization, we were able to get everything we wanted for $2K: a two-hour engagement session, two photographers on wedding day, all-day photography, and full printing rights to pictures.

We are so happy with our choice, and cannot wait to have our Engagement Session at the end of this month!

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