Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: Definitely Crying

After our romantic first dance, it was time for our BM and MOH to speak.  It was a moment that I honestly didn't put too much thought into, because I knew that the people we chose to speak weren't going to tell embarrassing stories about us, and they they would truly speak from the heart.  

D's Best Man spoke first, with a speech that he apparently practiced for hours and hours in the weeks prior to the wedding.  And it was perfect.  He hit all the points about how our relationship started, and how he and my MIL accepted me into their family and have loved me since they knew that D did.  And that made me so emotional to hear that from him.  

He also spoke a lot of how proud he was of all that we have been able to accomplish so far in our relationship - we moved in together, we both graduated from college and we both got our masters degrees, and we had just recently purchased our first home together.  

In the last part of his speech, he told a story about how when we were living with them, they would always hear one of us saying "I Win." This phrase came up in everything, even if it was just a little joke.  Rock, paper, scissors to see who has to feed the cats? The winner always responded with "I Win." D's dad told us that we can still be competitive in our relationship, and it's actually healthy to be, to a certain extent, but that the phrase "I Win" can no longer apply.  

He came over and handed us a little piece of orange paper, and asked us to open it together, and when we did, it said "We Win."  He told us that the phrase needed to be changed now because we were married.  Things we do aren't individual anymore, and they will always be things we do together.  The new phrase "We Win" would become part of our daily vocabulary.  

He toasted to us, came and gave us each a big hug, and then introduced my sister, my MOH, for her speech.  

MOH E hadn't spent as much time as D's dad on her speech. She said it was really easy to write, and while I believe that, it wasn't as easy to speak as it was so write.  From the very start, MOH E was shaking, and on the verge of tears because she was overwhelmed with happiness and joy for D and I.  

When she started talking about meeting D for the first time seven years ago, she knew immediately that he would become more than just a husband to me. He would become the brother to her that she and I always wanted.  He has been there for her as much as I have over the last few years, especially when things have been the hardest for her.  

MOH E expressed her love for both of us, and thanked us for asking her to be such a special part of our wedding.  She toasted to us, and came to give us each a huge hug.  

D and I took the microphone next, just to say a few words, and thank all of our family and friends for attending our wedding, and how much it meant to both of us.  We kept it short and sweet, since we knew our guests were hungry, but it was something that we were adamant about doing - we felt that it added a more personal touch to those who traveled near and far to be with us.  

And after those few words, it was finally time to sit down and eat the delicious food that we had long awaited.  

All photos by Matt Ferrara Photography unless otherwise noted.

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