Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Rhode to The Rest of Our Lives: Her Family

After being officially announced as husband and wife, and congratulated by family and our bridal party, it was time to start the formal pictures.

I had been asked by the photographers to provide a list of the formal shots that we wanted taken, and it ended up being much longer than I had anticipated. I don't think I ever realized how many pictures I wanted until I wrote them all down.

But, we started with the easy ones. And I won't bore you with all of them.  But, here are the ones with my family.

I took some pictures with my parents, both of whom hate taking pictures and don't actually know how to smile on command. I think the ones that I chose were the best.

D joined me and grabbed a picture with my parents (I can't call him FI anymore!)

My sister jumped in too so that we could have a family picture, and then D joined us to make the new family picture!

I also took pictures with my grandparents, who postponed their trip to Florida (snowbirds!) just for the wedding, and my grandmother, who made the trip back up from Georgia with my parents and was so happy to be attending the wedding.

D joined in for a few pictures with them, which I am so happy to have (even if he's blinking in one of them!).

We took many more formals for my side of the family, but I won't bore you with members of my family that you don't know, and names that I won't share.

Next, we took some pictures with D's side of the family, and then, some shots of just the two of us.

All photos by Matt Ferrara Photography unless otherwise noted.

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