About Me

Blogger: Home Decor, DIY Projects, and Wedding Planning.
Rhode Island, born and raised

Favorite color: Orange
Self-taught techie
Fabric hoarder
Pinterest addict

OCD Organization: Computer file names, kitchen utensils by category, clothing by color and style, and sticky notes in grid form.          

I enjoy crafting, blogging, planning and organizing, shopping for unnecessary things hoping that I will wear them/make something out of them, being outside, and playing sports.

I am married to an incredible man, who on this blog will go by D.  We bought our first house just before our October 2012 wedding, and we are now permanent residents in Rhode Island (again) with our two cats, Everrett and Oberon.  Our home is the basis of this blog, planning and designing the decor and implementing it into our space. 

Thanks for joining me here, and I hope you enjoy reading about my life!


Photos by Matt Ferrara Photography.
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