Friday, July 26, 2013

Flash Sale Friday: Luxurious Plush White Bedroom

It's time for another...

Each week, I will be featuring some of the week's best picks from my favorite Flash Sale sites and creating a room inspiration board for all of you to enjoy!  If you have a room that needs decorating and you are looking for some inspiration, feel free to email me what you are looking for, and I'll see what I can come up with for you, and you will be featured in a future Flash Sale Friday post!

If you would like to become a member to one of the sites featured in this Flash Sale Friday post, feel free to create an account from the links I have provided below.


I'm not typically one to use gold in my decor or in my style. I tend to lean towards silver metallics, but the gold along with the white for this bedroom just screams luxury.  This room and all of the decor reminds me of a ritzy hotel, one with a bed that has a million pillows on it, and the most elegant and soft white comforter.  

With a light blue color on the wall, the gold and whites will really stick out, and the calming sense that the color brings will help you relax in your newly designed bedroom.  

How do you feel about your bedroom? Wouldn't you want to your bedroom to be this luxurious?  

Please Note: All of the images in this post have been used with permission. Images were not modified or altered to fit in this inspiration board. Flash Sale invitation links may provide me with rewards if items are purchased by a new member.

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