Monday, March 25, 2013

Paint Planning

I have been excited to paint rooms since before the day we started looking at houses.  Painting your house just helps so much to make it more personal and feel homey.  I tend to do all of my house planning on my computer or iPad, but with paint colors, you really should do that with paint chips, as monitor lighting can change the look of a color drastically.

But, since I'm so technology obsessed, I did a little of both.  Knowing what colors I wanted to use, I checked out the Sherwin-Williams website and started picking out colors that I knew I wanted to use.  You have already seen the Family Room design plan, so you know that I picked those colors out a while back.

Family Room Design Plan

Already having this room set, I knew that choosing the other colors for the first floor had to be done carefully, since the purple and the yellow are so bold.  To make the color choices really easy to see, I decided to insert them onto the floor plan of the house.  This is really helpful when choosing paint colors for your house, because you don't want all of the colors that you choose to end up clashing or looking terrible.

Floor Plan - Floor 1

There were some things that I already knew what color I wanted, so those were easy.  I new that I wanted gray and orange in my craft room, which will be in the smaller bedroom.  That was an easy choice.  Next was the front door, and after seeing the picture below, I knew I had to have a deep purple door.  And the plus side of having a purple door is that it will match with the new paint on the exterior of the house, the new roof, and the stone work that is currently on the outside of the house.

Image via Jeld-Wen / Pinned on my Pinterest Board

A common color that will be used throughout the house, in both furniture and paint, is white.  Unfortunately, that doesn't help narrow down many color choices for us, so I thought about things that inspired me.  I found a navy blue duvet cover at Target while I was picking up the side table for the Family Room, and since it was on clearance, I bought it.  This ended up becoming the inspiration piece for the navy blue, green, and white color palette in the bigger bedroom in the corner, which will end up being a guest bedroom.

Image via Target (Discontinued) / Similar

To match with the front door, I wanted a lighter contrasting color, so I decided to go with two different shades of green, and I have plans to do vertical stripes along both hallways above the chair molding and paneling.  The full bathroom on this floor is almost entirely brown, which I think needs to change. So I chose a beautiful shade of teal that I think will complement the space and design perfectly.

The last room on this floor was the Living Room.  Since this space is so huge, we plan to use it as both a living area and a more formal dining area.  I had originally picked out a light blue and a dark coral for this room, but after lining everything up on the floor plan, I realized that the coral color really clashed with the orange. So, after pulling some colors that I have already used in other rooms, I finally found the color palette for the entire first floor.

Floor Plan with Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

I know there are a lot of colors there, but I'm not afraid of it being too much. I'm just so excited to start painting and decorating. I can't wait to actually be proud to show off our home!

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