Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be Our Guest!

HUGE Disney fan - had to.

I have had a guest list spreadsheet created for about three years. Yes, I know that is way before being engaged, but when you know, you know.  So, when we first got engaged, I showed FI the guest list, which was small. About 40 people.  When we originally talked about getting married a few years ago, we decided on a small wedding and reception, with immediate family, and very close friends, and then a few months later, we would have a big party with more family and friends.  Unfortunately, we were not going to be able to go that route now that the wedding was coming sooner, and financially, it would be smarter to have more people attend one event than to have two different events.

FFIL has a large family, with four siblings, so each sibling and their spouses immediately added almost ten people to the guest list.  In addition to that, we made some great friends out in Indiana that we wouldn't imagine not having at our wedding.  Add in my co-workers (FI is still unemployed :( ), and a few close family friends, and our guest list quickly shot up to 80 something.  Not what we originally had planned, but I honestly can say that I can't imagine having a wedding without these people.

So, now that we have this list somewhat finalized, I can start figuring out the layout and approximate costs per person. Oh, and maybe I can actually decide on an idea for Save the Dates.  That would be good.

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Anonymous said...

I would be excited to be there where you are getting all the respect for the concern person. Once you are able to get in it sure is easy to get on the top for sure about many other things.

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